Danielle Roberts - Jim Allen

Danielle Roberts - Jim Allen

We are a professional Owner/Operator, Husband/Wife Team. We have 10 Years experience driving Class A coast to coast and we have accumulated 2 million safe miles. We have taken our prior online and yes, brick and mortar business experience and combined that with our knowledge of trucking. We are a multi faceted company that can help your company grow in several ways. These are modern times and whether you need to recruit drivers, get a message out or need original North American Truck stock photography, we are here to help you expand your companies needs.

Services Offered:

Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts

  • Social Media "Enhancement"
  • Professional Trucking Stock Photos TruckStockImages.com
  • Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Blog Content
  • Traveling Secret Shoppers
  • The Full Boat - We lease onto your company and you get Professional Photography, Extensive organic social media posts and blogs which will out perform your best recruiter - All major Truck/Trade show attendance. We never stop working!

Social Media Services:
This our most recent addition to our professional services. It has taken us years to figure out what works and after many attempts at what doesn't work. Incorporating our original photography and a clear message using our proven Social Media Strategies works. No tricks, no buying likes or followers. This is an organic method of getting engagement from the trucking community. Organic favors you in the Social Media algorithms. That's important to remember. Just buying likes or followers directly from the major Social media channels is not a long term building process. We offer to build your community or you can use our Social channels to get your message out or a combination of both. We are not expensive, our strategies work and are guaranteed. We do not profess to be experts in every category and every industry, we focus only on Trucking and related categories. You work with us and you will see results quickly. We are a small company and nimble, we can work faster, cheaper and better than most companies offering you a Social Media strategy. Contact us with your needs, you will not be disappointed. As of 07/26/2016 we are at 11,262 likes on our Facebook Business page and averaging 400-600 per week (We recently figured out this Facebook strategy and it's very effective) Twitter 26,586 followers - Instagram 7,340 followers (Instagram is on the same rapid growth as our Facebook page).

Jim Allen

Jim Allen

YouTube, Flickr, Google+ and Pinterest are all performing well, not as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but every week we find new technics to enhance these channels (Lower tier channels don't get our full attention, not that YouTube is a lower tier channel, we just haven't cracked that nut yet cost effectively). We are giving you these performance numbers so if you don't have Social Media Analytics software you can manually check our performance. If you have advanced analytics tools please do an analysis on our channels, you will be pleased at a dollar to results ratio. Inquiries? Jim@365Trucking.com

365Trucking.com & TruckStockImages.com Providing Royalty Free Photo's to the Trucking Industry.

We have photographed trucks in almost every situation imaginable. This is a primary ingredient to our social media strategy. You get our Truck Stock Images included with our Social Media program for an incredible value. Here are just a few of the categories available, Truck ShowsOversizeFlatbedCarriersThe RoadIntermodalTrucks In Construction ZonesTrucks in Snow and much more. www.TruckStockImages.com  Update: Massive new release of tighter, sharper and more relevant images coming soon with a new website rebuild to make your staff's job simplier to find that perfect image quickly. Need to beef up your website? 99.9% of every image on this website was created from www.TruckStockImages.com 

Product Review:
We have a large and engaged "Trucking" community that is always looking for that great Product or App to make their lives a little better. You have that product? Feel free to contact us for a real world coast to coast unbiased product review & rating. 


The Full Package:
87% of drivers ask other drivers for an opinion of a company they are thinking of making a move to. We centralize that probing process right here. We will out perform your best recruiter at half the price. Added bonus, we are uniquely qualified to recruit teams...

We are looking to align ourselves with a forward thinking trucking company that is looking for a unique recruiting tool. We are offering to share our trucking experience with your company on our very active website www.365Trucking.com and expanded through our prolific social media channels. Your company would enjoy professional photography which would be featured on our website and available for all your companies digital needs. Our blogs focus on the positive side of trucking including travel ideas, cab improvements, trusted voices in the trucking industry and anything pertaining to the trucking lifestyle. Add our stories about trucking with your company and you have a very powerful recruiting tool for your company. If you think we can help your company grow please feel free to contact us at support@365Trucking.com

Some advantages your company would enjoy:

  • Incorporating your companies logo's, look and feel to perfectly integrate with www.365Trucking.com
  • A constant reinforcement to future driver recruits that your company is the best choice. This would be achieved organically through regular blogging, answering social media inquires, professional photography and a presence at most major truck/trade shows.
  • Blogging: www.365Trucking.com is coming up on it's 3rd anniversary and growing strong
  • Professional Photography featuring your companies trailers and our truck (Our truck can be painted to match your companies colors). This high level of photography would be included in website sponsorship price. Chances are if we would lease on to your company we probably already have high grade images of your trucks. If we pull your equipment we can now photograph your trucks in every day situations such as fueling, docking, etc. Even better we can photograph your equipment in scenic locations, various weather and more. All of which is great for recruiting, in house promotions, even your safety and compliance can find great uses for an endless pool of high grade images. We are also branching out into HD video. The imaging alone would be valued at a much higher price than the website sponsorship price. Chances are we already have images of your company. Click here to find out.

Have a favorable pet policy? Want to reach an unbelievable pool of loyal and active social media followers and press who want to push your involvement in pet relocation?  You found an incredible large source that will push your brand and you get to do a great service for the pet community. We are very proficient in this area. There are several ways to do this, as separate corporation or possibly as a 501(C)3. This is a big stretch for a Trucking company but the good will and free press is phenomenal. 

We are prior Brick & Mortar business owners with 20 years experience and uniquely qualified in evaluating your chain of Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Centers and more. We are professional travelers covering over 5,000 miles per week. We can report good and bad directly to your corporate offices without disturbing or interrupting your staff. We know the difference between when your locations are busy and when things just get backed up or when management is having issues maintaining standards set by your company.