Add Superior Stereo Sound To Your Truck

Add Superior Sound to Your Truck!

Install a good quality stereo in your truck to help pass the time and help keep you motivated those last couple hours of your shift.

This recommended install is good for company, lease or owner operators.  We recommend Best Buy for the over the road driver. After you pay them to install the system, at any point, will uninstall all the equipment and put back in the original factory equipment at NO CHARGE. This is important especially if you switch trucks on a regular basis. Also, this deal is good at any Best Buy in any state which is a benefit for the traveling truck driver.They will charge you for every new install but the removal and replacement of stock equipment is always free. Request what Best Buy calls a "Master Installer". This installer knows his business and runs wires properly and leaves a clean look. Hold onto receipts because you will need them if you switch trucks regularly.

Main stereo or head unit - Doesn't need to be anything expensive at all. Almost all of these car stereos only put out max 20 watts per channel. The main features you want in the head unit are good tone control, an eighth inch input and a USB port on the front. I do not recommend a removable face as overtime it will work itself permanently loose and rattle. (Currently dealing with that mistake) Our unit is a Kenwood KDC-HD545U $130. We strongly recommend a separate power amp. As mentioned above, head units usually only average 20 watts per channel. Typically in a truck full volume is usually disappointing. Any power amp will work fine. 75W rms 4 channel will get the job done. Average price $129 - $199. If your salesman tries to sell you a more expensive power unit, you don't need it. You will never hear the difference no matter what they tell you.

Speakers - This is where you want to spend as much money as you can afford. No matter how good your stereo or amp is, it means nothing without good speakers. We recommend the Infinity Kappa series (Average price $129 - $199 Each) Also, a nice addition, is a powered sub woofer. We went with the Infinity Bass Link10" Class D Powered Subwoofer System $169. Don't waste your money on a passive sub woofer, you want a powered Subwoofer. Ours is installed behind the drivers seat. If you run team and you want to continually piss off your other team member, a powered sub is the way to go. 

Now you have your stereo installed. While you're working on your ten hour break or your restart, take a long eighth inch cable and run it from your headphone or audio out on your TV or DVD player to the auxiliary input in your new stereo. And poof, simulated surround sound for your listening pleasure.  Now this isn't true surround sound but in a small space like a truck it will sound like a million bucks.