Pet Transport Vegeta

Vegeta hands down was our favorite transport. We have transported some great animals that you didn't want to let out of your grasp but Vegeta was that one in a million. Vegeta was a reunion transport for a displaced military member and we were more than happy to help make that reunion happen but after delivering Vegeta I have to admit it was hard to get in the truck and not seeing Vegeta there.

Vegeta was that kind of dog that was way too close to human. The only breeds that I felt this connection with were Shepherds and English Bull dogs. Vegeta always seemed to know where to be and where not to be. He sensed your mood and what you wanted and he just always acted appropriately. He will be the perfect pet.  

Vegeta, was transported from Louisiana to Idaho by a series of truckers. We had the majority of the run. We made arrangements to pick up Vegeta in Waxahatchie, TX and deliver him to Salt Lake City. Making this transport became difficult as the truck continued to fail with emissions issues. The truck finally gave up about 50 miles from the next driver leg, close to Salt Lake. Fortunately, the next driver (Brad) could meet our broken down truck and pick up Vegeta and deliver him to Boise, ID where he was met by the local TV crew and Vegeta's family. Idaho Statesman Story