New Step Deck Is On The Road. A Joey Slaughter Blog

Contributing author Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. A Ringgold, VA based carrier. Joey started his company in 2010 after serving time as an unhappy employee with a local trucking company. The time spent there was not fun but, in hindsight, was a turning point that propelled Joey into the wonderful world of being an entrepreneur. Please visit for more insightful blogging. 

There are so many accessories to have on hand when pulling a step deck trailer I’ve found out.  Here’s a list of the accessories that I bought in order for me to transport the most types of freight that I can.

  • cargo straps
  • transport chains
  • chain binders
  • ramp system
  • load levelers
  • headache rack
  • edge protectors
  • bungee cords
  • 2 tarps
  • car transport straps
  • height stick

So far, I’ve only been transporting lumber loads, which is flatbed freight.  This is heavy freight, but easier to secure.  However, the tarping is a lot tougher than I thought it’d be.  The tarps weigh nearly a 100 lbs a piece and are  beast to handle.  After more practice, I’ll attempt other types of freight