Truck Travel Series NFL - Chicago Bears Soldier Field

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Chicago Bears Soldier Field
Address: 1410 Museum Campus Dr, Chicago, IL 60605

On the road? Need a break and looking for something different and fun to do? Why not visit one of the NFL's 31 stadiums. As a part of our Truck Travel Series we have researched getting your truck parked at the NFL venue or parked as close as possible with a short cab ride to the stadium. Plenty of stadiums provide tours during the week so your visit to your favorite teams stadium doesn't necessarily have to be on game day. Keep in mind if you are a solo driver and you go to the game by yourself, single tickets can typically be purchased at a great price. You have a much better chance of getting a great seat location and most stadiums have welcoming fans so you will be making friends quickly.

No truck parking at the stadium but truck parking is near by.

Consider parking at a close by Truck Stop and using a car service

  • South Side Fuel Center Chicago IL I-90/I-94 Exit 55B 3 Miles South West
  • Road Ranger Chicago IL I-55 Exit 289 4 Miles South West
  • Tuxedo Junction I-55 Exit 286 7 Miles South West Stickney IL 7 Miles South West
  • McCook Marathon I-55 Exit 282B 1 Miles West
  • Petro Daniel I-294 Exit 50 Alsip IL 15 Miles South West

                            Image Courtesy Jim Larrison 

Chicago Bears Soldier Field
Address: 1410 Museum Campus Dr, Chicago, IL 60605
For ticket information or schedule information please visit

Year created: 2003
Max attendance: 61,500 food ranking:  9th ranking:  12th average ticket price ranking:  28th tailgating ranking:  9th

Pros: Great food and beer selections through the stadium, team is performing well, great location for stadium.
Cons: Games can be icy cold (that may be a pro for some), very pricey tickets.

Courtesy "Ranking the Top Fan Stadium Experiences in the NFL"