Blog Series - 10 Tips Every Independent Trucker Should Know - Tip 2

Tip 2

Run the budget out—BEFORE YOU MAKE A PURCHASE.

At CFF, we built a quick and easy software program we call “CFF BUDGET BUILDER”. We believe so strongly in this program that we put it on the home page of our website and you can use it anytime you want—FREE OF CHARGE! Put yourself through this simple exercise by asking these questions to ensure you will actually make money before you start!
Question: Amount:
1 How much revenue will this equipment generate each month?
(You want this amount to be above $15000 per month)  $ ____________
2 How much is my monthly payment?                          ‐ ($ ____________)
3 How much will my driver cost per month? ‐               - ($ ____________)
4 How much will insurance cost per month?                ‐ ($ ____________)
5 How much will fuel cost per month?                          ‐ ($ ____________)
6 How much will repair and maintenance
cost per month?                                                            ‐ ($ ____________)
                                                    Approx. Monthly Profit  $ ____________
                                                                  x 12 Months = $ ____________

At CFF, we run every deal through the budget builder. We are amazed at how many clients thank us for putting them through it.

This simple exercise should be done any time you are buying equipment. If it’s your first truck, don’t buy it until you have put it through the Budget Builder. If you are expanding your business, going for a new contract or new niche, don’t do it until you have run your equipment through the Budget Builder.

Another great use of the Budget Builder is to determine if you can increase your rates to GENERATE MORE INCOME!


Join me next week for tip number three that every independent trucker needs to know NOW.
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