Get Rid of Blue-Tooth Headaches, Noise Reduction Ear Buds May be the Answer

I have been through every blue-tooth headset available at Truck Stops with two things in mind. Easy connectivity and most importantly, good audio and noise reduction capability. After becoming extremely fed up with the performance of mid-level headsets, I broke down and bought the most expensive set I could afford. After only a week, I started to have connectivity problems. As a quality check, I decided to give this very expensive headset the ultimate test. I called my 75 year old dad and, of course, he still couldn't hear me unless I was away from my truck or the truck was turned off. 

After that set ended up in the trash can (by accident), I decided to buy a $20 set of corded microphone headphones. That set lasted about a week before I totally destroyed them from what I consider to be normal use. Even though the wired set barely passed the "Dad" test I knew I needed a better quality set of wired headphones. 

While at GATS (The Great American Truck Show), I ran into Tom Buske at the "Tough Tested Booth". I discovered their new line of "Noise Control Technology"  microphone earbuds. There are four models, Driver, Ranger, Marine and Jobsite, ranging from $39 to $79 MSRP. Jobsite is the model I purchased. Now this will be an unfair comparison but when I hear Noise Reduction, Noise Control Technology or Noise Cancellation I think of Bose Headphones ($299),  which I own and use on a regular basis. So my first question was, how does Tough Tested achieve "Noise Reduction" in an earbud configuration at an affordable price? I was told by Tom Buske that Tough Tested doesn't use active noise cancellation but, instead, they reduce decibels by the design of the earbuds and use of memory foam. Sounds to simple and I had some serious doubts about these earbud style headphones actually working for my needs, but I needed a good set of earbuds so, why not?

I purchased the Job Site model because I wanted the best quality I could get ($69 MSRP). I believe the Driver Earbud would be comparable ($39 MSRP) but that Bud is Mono and I wanted stereo. With the packaging alone, I knew I as dealing with a quality product. Nice solid packaging doesn't always mean good quality but you rarely see great packaging on inferior products. My first test was calling friends and colleagues with the headset. First I made calls not near the truck, and then in our idling truck, and then in a moving truck. The earbuds passed all those tests. They could hear me and I could hear them just fine. But for noise reduction and voice quality the earbuds had to pass the "Dad" test. This is no easy test but the Tough Tested set passed with flying colors-mission completed. I finally have a reliable way to talk on the phone, hands free. These earbuds stands up to rigors of the road. I particularly like the Flexible Ear Hooks. You can quickly pull the buds out of your ears and have them suspended by the Flexible Ear Hooks. No more having the bud's hitting the ground or having to re-postion the cord until you're done for the day. I wear glasses and had absolutely no problem wearing the hooks due to their flexibility and comfort. 

Now it's time to test music through the earbuds. With one flick of the EQ switch on the microphone, you go from voice to music and the sound quality is surprisingly very good. Think of any headphones or earbuds you ever owned regardless of quality. If you push the headphones closer to your ears the sound quality gets better. These Tough Tested Earbuds are always placed nicely in your ears so the sound quality is very good and exactly why the noise reduction works as well as it does. I tried the earbuds with Apple products and had full control of the music (Volume and Start/Pause) but I had no control with the remote with Android products.

Recommendations: have a break-away cord for the inevitable cord entanglement, make an Android compatible version, and reduce size and weight of music control box. Otherwise a great set of earbuds for the money and for me a great choice for replacing Blue-Tooth technology.

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