Share With Your #TruckDrivers: 6 Easy Ways to Stay Awake on the Road @WorkHoundapp

WorkHound is a software tool helping drivers and trucking companies establish a stronger sense of communication. With driver turnover continuing to plague the industry, giving drivers a stronger voice within companies is important to improve operations and keep drivers with carriers.The tool gives drivers the ability to share real-time feedback with their carrier while giving the stakeholders of the company a dashboard to review the biggest issues and opportunities from the drivers. Based in the Midwest, WorkHound is led by Max Farrell and Andrew Kirpalani, two veterans of employee engagement and growing technology companies.

Professional drivers are known for the amazing amount of hours spent driving across the country. We know that drivers are tough and want to get their load to the destination as quick as possible, especially when you're getting paid by the mile. But a long day of driving countless miles down the interstate can sometimes lead to drowsiness. We suggest pulling over and taking a quick nap if you are really feeling tired, but if you just need a quick pick-me-up, here are 6 easy ways to stay awake while on the road:

  1. Turn up the sing along music - choose an upbeat song that you can’t help but sing out loud and turn it up! If you don’t have that inner rock star in you, listen to music you don’t like. This may sound miserable but it helps you not fall into a daze of pleasing music.

  2. Chew gum - The more intense flavor the better! Don’t forget to keep chewing, keeping your mouth moving causes your brain to constantly think. Check out the gum that has caffeine in it! 

  3. Talk on the phone - Call up your wife, kids, or best friend and tell a story, or have them tell you about their day in detail. Make sure you are using a hands free device!

  4. Eat food that requires a little more work - Chips are definitely a tasty snack, but they only require a hand and an open mouth. Eating foods like sunflower seeds or snap peas require a little more effort and can keep your mind constantly thinking about what you are doing. Tangy fruits, like oranges and apples, can also be useful in keeping you feeling lively. (We recommend peeling the orange before you start driving).

  5. Pull on your earlobes - It sounds weird, we know. This simple trick can be very handy when you are starting to feel drowsy. It gets the blood flowing around your brain, which can help drivers overcome drowsiness. 

  6. Turn up the air conditioning - Especially during the summer months, being warm can greatly increase the feeling of drowsiness. If you don’t have a nice air conditioner, roll down your window or remove some layers.

We hope these tips are useful and keep your drivers cruisin’ down the highway! Just tell you drivers to remember that it’s okay to pull over and take a quick power nap. Better to be safe than sorry!