Do Not Be a Drowsy Driver - Good Tips For New Truckers

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As a truck driver you are well aware that a sleep cycle doesn’t exactly exist in its general definition. The sleeping patterns as a driver, especially if you are an over the road driver, lack any normal bedtime or standard amount of sleep time—in fact, there really is no pattern at all! Recent studies show that any type of break from driving, when assigned long hours, significantly reduces the risks of traffic faults.


Driver fatigue is a serious issue when operating a truck for extended hours. It can cause loss of concentration or cause the driver to fall asleep behind the wheel, resulting in serious crashes. As a driver of heavy commercial vehicles, you hold a lot of responsibilities and must be aware at all times in order to drive with your utmost safety potential.

Off Duty Doesn’t Equal Sleep

The required off duty time doesn’t mean you have to go to sleep, it’s just the allotted amount of time you need away from behind the wheel. There are a lot of options you can utilize when you are off duty, if you don’t need to spend the full time sleeping. Here are some alternatives to sleeping:

  • Go on a mini adventure! If you’re delivering to a place you’ve never been before, take the time to go explore! Enjoy your surroundings and go site seeing, it’ll get your blood pumping and give you some time away from the driver seat.
  • Eat something! Go to a nearby restaurant or cook a meal for yourself. In order to keep on truckin’ you need fuel just as much as your truck does!
  • Clean up! Depending on how long you’ve been on the road, you may want to clean yourself up a bit and take a shower.
  • Play games! If you have a TV and your gaming device with you, plug it in and relive your childhood for a little bit. You could also watch a movie.

Sleep Patterns Are Overrated


Student drivers, if you are about to enter the industry just make sure you are prepared to sleep at any time of any day or night. It may take a couple times on the road to get used to sleeping some days at noon, and others at midnight, but the rules and regulations are set in place to secure the safety of everyone on the road, you included! As the common saying goes drive when you have to, sleep when you can. Familiarize yourself with the new guidelines in order to avoid any confusion and hazards! Safe trucking is happy trucking!