Blog Series - 10 Tips Every Independent Trucker Should Know - Tip 9

TIP 9   
Create a repair and maintenance account. 
Now that you have separate bank accounts for business and personal expenses, let’s go one step further and set up a separate account to handle repair and maintenance. 
As we have discussed, stuff will happen…and it always happens when you least expect it. You will want a few bucks set aside so when breakdowns occur, you will be ready and you can get the truck fixed quickly.  Once fixed, you can again...GENERATE REVENUE! 
We recommend putting aside $500 a month min. and build it up from there.  Do not touch this account unless it is for scheduled maintenance, repairs, or breakdowns.  Do not treat it as a vacation account or secret stash.  It is to be used to keep your equipment in top working order and to get your equipment back on the road quickly.  Also, think about signing up with a reputable roadside assistance provider. 
Why is this so important? 
1. So that you can keep the truck working and the revenue coming in!
2. You will sleep better at night knowing that you have this account in place and funded.  

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