Our Most Recent Truck Volunteer Pet Transports

We haven't updated our pet transports in awhile. Here is a quick look at our last two most recent pet transports. Each has a fascinating story and we loved our time with each of them. Coming soon will will be updating our transports in detail but please enjoy this quick look at our most recent transports and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kimmy Dora,

 A young Female German Shephard. This transport was a lot of fun for us as we used to be a family including German Shepherds. Kimmy Dora was well mannered, listened well and was very smart. She would make somebody a great pet for a responsible owner.  We picked her up in Ontario Ca and dropped her off in Walton KY. From there she was shuttled to a tempory lay over home in Ohio and evetually made her way to her final destination in the the New England area.



Jake is a 83 pound male Doberman that we transported from Edmond OK and delivered him to his new family in Sturbridge MA. Nick names "Jake Brake" while on the truck. Jake was a blast to have on board but being that size he could certainly test limits of people and Pups in one truck. His original family adopted him as a puppy with two children in a apartment and of he grew to his adult size and they decided he was to much to handle. Jake's adoption was handled by Dobe and Dog Rescue near Oklahoma City. Jake's new family is wonderful and we get great updates on his progress. He has othe Doberman's to play with now and has lot's of room to run. Jake will be OK for the rest of his life.