More Volunteer Trucker Pet Transports - Whisper And Charlie

Traci P and her husband Antoine did a very smart thing to make Charlie's transition a little easier. That blanket you see underneath Charlie was a blanket she shipped from her home to the temporary home that Charlie was waiting at. The thinking is Charlie can get used to the smells of the other dogs that Charlie would be spending all his time with, before he ever met them. Pretty smart and a great tip for future adopters. Traci and Antoine are wonderful people and great for the dog rescue community. I even got a hug when we delivered Charlie made my day and I was having one heck of a crappy day. We picked up Charlie in Baltimore MD and Delivered hin to Phoenix AZ. Charlie was cool and well behaved.

Needed lots of loving. Whisper absolutely fell in love with Danielle instantly .Which we found that was her custom as he was abused by a male. Whisper is afraid of men for obvious reasons. First night on the truck he cried a lot but there was bonding between Whisper and Danielle. Unbelievably as much as he mistrusts men he immediately jumped on me and Clay (shuttle driver) who has felt Whispers wrath by delivering a few stitches. We were was amazed at his progress into a world that does not involve abuse. Whisper, a male Papillon, was picked up in Reno, NV by layover home host and shuttle driver Clay. We picked up Whisper in Ontario CA from Clay and delivered him to a Layover home in Grand Praire TX where he started the next leg of his journey.