Two Of Our Favorite Volunteer Truck Pet Transports

So we got a call to transport Red. He was in a kill shelter in southern Louisiana. His days were numbered, he had gone too long without being adopted and was scheduled to be put down the following week. We pick him up in Greenwood Louisiana and dropped him off at a temporary layover home Park City Utah. From there he finished his journey to the Pacific North West to his new home. He was highly intelligent and learned very quickly. Of course playing ball was one of his favorite games. He was such a joy to have on board the truck and will be a fantastic pet in his adopted home. One life saved, thanks to all the volunteers that made this transport possible.

Then there was Kit-Kat.  We just moved Kit-Kat from Houston TX to Dallas TX. From there he went somewhere to the South West to his new home. Kit Kat was skittish at first but we had just finished a family vacation and my son happen to be with us on his way to the airport.  Apparently he is a cat person and was able to calm Kit-Kat down.  After bonding with my son Kit Kat discovered our glove box. He made that his new home and was very comfortable there for the rest of the trip. I wish I thought of the glove box for our past cat transports. Kit Kat seemed very happy in there. Hopefully Kit Kat is enjoying his new life.