MATS Mid America Trucking Show 2015 Full Photo Coverage

MATS Mid America Show set to music and for a different perspective we set all images to Black and White and music. We think a pleasing and different approach.

Another year another MATS. would like to thank The Mid America Trucking Show for being a great host and putting on the world's finest Trucking Show. From the the 26th Annual PKY Truck Beauty Championship to the incredible indoor floor exhibitions every square foot was dedicated to to impress the tens of thousands of visitors. This premier event is widely considered the “Kick-Off” to each year’s truck show circuit. If you were looking for a way to view all the events at the massive facility in Louisville, KY without ending up with sore achy feet for three days, then look no farther, watch’s exclusive photo coverage of 2015 MATS.

Enjoy a quick tour inside the MATS 2015 Indoor Show. All images are available for download at

MATS has always been a great indicator for things to come in the trucking industry both good and bad. When the recession hit years back there was plenty of walking room and not that many exhibitors, you could just feel that things were not right. This year, it was a completely different story. On Thursday, which is typically the slowest day, there were wall to wall exhibitions with standing room only and people were literally elbow to elbow as they tried to take it all in. It was even more crowed on Friday and Saturday which is a great indicator that the trucking industry is getting stronger.  

2015 MATS broke the attendance record previously set back in 2012 for the heavy-duty trucking industry with a whopping 81,768 attendees.  They also reported that this year’s exhibit space sold out the fastest of any other year and also set a record for average exhibit space size in the 15 years it’s been going.  With 1.2 Million square feet of Exhibit Space, 1064 Exhibitors from 43 different states and 14 countries there was definitely something for everyone in attendance. would like to thank it's sponsor for allowing us to attend such a fantastic event this year. With thousands of photos featuring featuring various models of trucks in nearly every scenario imaginable,

MATS 2015 The 26th annual PKY Truck Beauty Championship. Set to music. Enjoy the slideshow and all images can be downloaded at

Take a quick look at the The 26th annual PKY Truck Beauty Championship set to music and catching the trucks lit up at magic hour. Individual images available for download at