8 Positive Outcomes When Truck Driver Image Improves in America

Truck driver image is a conversation that is gaining traction. There are a lot of reasons different folks are pushing for a better image for the transportation industry and its hard working force of highway professionals. 

When it comes to a better picture of the American Truck Driver, everyone has their own strategy for how it can be achieved. I definitely have some ideas on how to improve driver image, and I’ll share those in the upcoming months. 

For today, I thought instead of sharing my ideas on how to change the image of a truck driver, first, I would share the benefits of reaching that goal.

I asked myself, what would be the outcome of a better driver image?

8 Positive Outcomes When Truck Driver Image Improves in America

1. Society will focus less on negative driver stereotypes and more on the vital role truckers play in our nation's infrastructure.



2. The push for driver appreciation will transcend the trucking industry and saturate the mass media.


3. Trucking will go viral in all the right ways.


4. Hollywood will take notice of the extreme popularity of truckers and they’ll start producing television shows and movies where drivers are the heroes and heroines.


5. The trucking industry will have a fan base similar to the fandom surrounding sports and bikers.


6. Officials who are responsible for decision-making and regulatory action will be influenced by improved driver professionalism and their new crowd of fans, enthusiasts, and supporters.


7. Driver wages will increase.


8.  A newer generation of professionals will be attracted to a career in trucking and the driver shortage will be avoided. 

Are there any positive outcomes of a better driver image that aren't on this list? 

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Contributing author, Jewel Jones was raised in the trucking industry. Her father started, Meadow Lark, a freight logistics and trucking company 30 years ago. Today, Jewel’s sister Mandy owns Meadow Lark Companies and together they founded the first and only work wear clothing line just for truck drivers, Over the Road Apparel. The goal of Over the Road Apparel is to improve the image of the American truck driver and to help drivers everywhere succeed and enhance their careers. Jewel can be reached at jeweljones@overtheroadapparel.com.