Being the Daughter of a Traveling Dad

My dad traveled a lot when I was growing up. He is the world’s best salesman and his sales trips kept him out on the road and away from home quite a bit. I know he always worried about being apart from his family and I’m sure he experienced a fair amount of guilt about being gone so much.

I thought I would write a blog to let him know how much I appreciate the sacrifices he made to take care of our family. That goes for my mom as well. It must have been hard for her when he was away, taking care of us kids by herself. If it was a challenge for her, my sisters and I never would’ve known--she never complained.

I’ll admit I’d get sad when my dad would miss choir concerts and other important events. I didn’t always understand why he was gone and, of course, I wished he was there. But it wasn’t until I was older that I was able to fully appreciate how important it was for him to be out on the road selling for the company that was his dream.

The Jones Family

The Jones Family

I want my parents to know how much I respect them for keeping our little family going strong, all while running a business together. The folks who worked for you were always considered an extension of our family and so you took care of them, too. Even if that meant being away from home a lot, you did what had to be done.

Thank you mom and dad for doing what was best our family. Not only for my sisters and I, but also for your hardworking employees who needed a leader. All the sacrifices you made did not go unnoticed.

If you’re a parent whose job takes you away from your family, I want you to know that although it may be hard, your loved ones will be grateful and inspired by your hard work and dedication. You may not always be in their arms but you are always in their hearts.

Contributing author, Jewel Jones was raised in the trucking industry. Her father started, Meadow Lark, a freight logistics and trucking company 30 years ago. Today, Jewel’s sister Mandy owns Meadow Lark Companies and together they founded the first and only work wear clothing line just for truck drivers, Over the Road Apparel. The goal of Over the Road Apparel is to improve the image of the American truck driver and to help drivers everywhere succeed and enhance their careers. Jewel can be reached at