Tour The Evel Knievel Restored Truck At GATS Truck Show 2015 And Extras

GATS (The Great American Trucking Show) 2015 Dallas, Texas was another outstanding Truck Show. This year's stand out attraction had to be the Evel Knievel 1974 Mack FS786LST Cab Over Truck that moved the motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel and his equipment to his famous shows and stunts.

Lathan McKay, President at Evel Knievel Enterprises(Lathan is a great story himself, we recommend you Google Him) was kind enough to allow access to the beautifully restored Evel Knievel truck before the doors opened to the public at the GATS show. We would like to thank Nathan and Mack Trucks and their staff for assisting us with access to this truck. I've photographed thousands of trucks and this was a real pleasure.

If you remember Evel Knievel at all, and enjoyed him as a kid, seeing this truck in person will bring back memories of that special time. Evel Knievel was obviously one of a kind and so is this perfectly restored truck. If you ever get the chance to see it person you will get to see up close Evel's motorcycles, leather riding suits (the rabbit's foot on the zipper is a great touch) and much more. Inside the truck is a time machine taking you right back to the early 70's. Features include a bar featuring a beer tap, some top whiskey's and Evel Knievel Beer. Other features include, trophies, a desk that features a 9" black & White TV, and furniture and carpet all era appropriate. Another cool feature is a window for communicating with the cab and maybe back in those days maybe you passed a beer back and forth. The cab portion is remarkable and again perfectly restored featuring the proud Red, White and Blue American colors all modeled after the American flag.

There is a amazing story here, way to much to get into in a single blog so here are some great links and videos about one the greatest vintage truck finds and restoration in history.