Six Fresh Tips for Any Professional Trucker Or Traveler

Contributing author, Jewel Jones was raised in the trucking industry. Her father started Meadow Lark, a freight logistics and trucking company, 30 years ago. Today, Jewel’s sister, Mandy, owns Meadow Lark Companies, and together they founded the first and only work wear clothing line just for truck drivers, Over the Road Apparel. The goal of Over the Road Apparel is to improve the image of the American truck driver and to help drivers everywhere succeed and enhance their careers. Jewel can be reached at


1. Use Dry Shampoo To Remove Oil and Odor From Hair

Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver if you aren’t able to shower everyday. It comes in an aerosol can and all you have to do is spray it in your hair. It soaks up any oil so your hair isn’t greasy and it removes odor from sweat or cigarette smoke.


2. Rub Dryer Sheets on Your Hair and Body To Remove Odor

Dryer sheets are also little miracles-especially if you are a smoker. Simply rub them over your hair or clothes and they remove odor! You can choose scented or unscented depending on if you would like a lingering fragrance after use.


3. Baby Wipes to Stay Fresh Between Bathing

For those runs where you have to put time between bathing, baby wipes are a great alternative to a shower. The only downside is that they tend to have oil on them, so avoid rubbing them on your face if you can. For an alternative to using baby wipes on your face, reference number 4 on this list!


4. Oil Free Facial Cleansing Wipes Remove Oil From Your Face Between Showers

These little towels pack a lot of punch. They remove oil and dirt from your face without leaving oil on your skin so you get extra clean! My favorite are these grapefruit scented wipes, the freshness is no joke. You can also get them in un-scented.


5. Ivory Soap

I tell everyone they should use Ivory Soap because it is the cleanest soap out there! It is proven to leave the least amount of residue on your skin after use. My eye doctor once told me that if you wear contact lenses, you should use Ivory Soap prior to every time you put them in or remove them because the soap leaves your skin so residue-free.



6. Use Coffee Filters to Absorb Oil On Your Face

I know this one sounds crazy but it works really well! If you only have a few minutes to get cleaned up and all you have are coffee filters, you are in luck! Those bad boys really do work! All you have to do is blot them on you face and they pick up extra oil and remove shininess. Who knew?!