A Quick History of Drag and Drop – A GoPhore Article

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Drag and Drop – Defined

Drag and drop is a term to define a function on computer graphical user interfaces. A user can select a virtual object by “Grabbing” it and dragging it to a different location. This is a feature that is not found in all software though it is a fast and easy-to-learn technique…. Phew! GoPhore does this out of the box!

Early beginnings

Drag and drop was invented by Jef Raskin, best known for conceiving and starting the first Macintosh Project for Apple in the 1970’s. He originally called it the “click-and-drag” paradigm, now it is known as drag and drop. He created the paradigm; but his protégé, Bill Atkinson, mostly implemented the technology into the Macintosh program.

Why this is awesome

Well, it makes using technology incredibly simpler.  Plus it is the corner stone of using computers.  Imagine you couldn’t drag and drop apps to rearrange them on your phone or desktop.  I say, “No thank you, I’ll keep this functionality.”

Drag and Drop Today

It is hard to find websites, software, etc. that do not have this feature implemented into its system. Why wouldn’t this be implemented? Possibly because it is too hard, or the developer just didn’t see a need to do it. There are multiple reasons not to have it, but the benefits of having a drag and drop feature built in outweigh not having it. Auto Carrier Software has this feature built into its GoPhore software. When building trips and dispatching for drivers, you just have to drag orders over and the vehicle identification number (VIN)will propagate into your trip builder.