Implement ELDs Now!!

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Implement ELDs Now!!  

Are you worried about implementing Electronic Logging Devices in your fleet? If so, You're not alone! The annual American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) Top Trucking Industry Concerns report was released last week and the ELD Mandate and other Hours of Service issues topped the list of motor carrier's concerns. 

 Nearly 3,000,000 commercial vehicles will have to have an Electronic Logging Device installed and operational by December 18, 2017. That's just a little over a year from now folks! 

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 Many (some estimate between 30% to 40%) of motor carriers currently have no plan in place on how they will implement an ELD solution into their operation. This is likely because of the recent OOIDA legal challenge to the validity of the new FMCSA regulations. They finally had their day in court a couple of weeks ago. To say the least, it didn't go very well for them. 

 The final ruling on the case isn't likely to be released for another couple of months. But, it's pretty clear from the tenor of the courtroom and the subsequent analysis from across the industry, that the ruling will clearly be in favor of the ELD mandate standing as currently written. 

The Time Is Now! 

 No matter your fleet size, implementing technology like this isn't child's play. Despite what some ELD providers may lead you to believe, it's not as simple as a plug and play device.  Delaying implementation of ELD technology in your fleet is only going to cost you more money, time and headaches.  A shortage of available systems and the manpower to install them in trucks will likely occur as the deadline approaches.  When supply decreases and demand increases, prices naturally increase as well. You really have to consider the operations systems that ELDs will impact, including routing, scheduling, fueling, etc.). 

This is a game changer! 

 Outside of running just a few power units, things can get pretty complicated pretty quickly.   Be sure to get the help of folks who have been through successful implementations before to ensure the smoothest transition possible! 

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