Vehicle Maintenance File Requirements

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What are the FMCSA’s requirements for a vehicle maintenance file? (If you have an audit looming, you should have this locked down!)

This question was posed to me by one of our new clients and I wanted to share my response with everyone.

Per the FMCSRs (§396.3), this is what is required:

A Vehicle information file must be kept for each vehicle while in service and at least 6 months after the vehicle is removed from service.

The information file must contain:

Fleet number (if one is assigned)
Make, model, and year
Tire size
Owner (if not the carrier)
A maintenance schedule for the unit

The regulations also require that we retain records of all inspection, maintenance, lubrication, repairs, and upcoming maintenance.

These records can take any form we want; there are no “required forms” for documenting normal maintenance and repairs.


Other items that must be included in each vehicle maintenance file:

All copies of roadside inspection reports for that vehicle (Retain for 12 months after receipt)

Periodic (annual) inspections reports (Retain for 14 months after completion)

If any defect or deficiency is noted on the post-trip inspection report, then you are required to keep a copy of that post trip inspection report. (Retain these for at least 3 months after completion)

You also have to show proof of the issue being corrected.

That proof should also be included in that vehicle’s file and retained for at least 12 months.

Be sure to include the qualifications for each inspector or mechanic in your vehicle maintenance files. This is especially true for anyone who adjusts or corrects brakes.

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