Increasing #TruckDriver Count With Digitial #DriverReferrals @WorkHoundapp

WorkHound is a software tool helping drivers and trucking companies establish a stronger sense of communication. With driver turnover continuing to plague the industry, giving drivers a stronger voice within companies is important to improve operations and keep drivers with carriers.The tool gives drivers the ability to share real-time feedback with their carrier while giving the stakeholders of the company a dashboard to review the biggest issues and opportunities from the drivers. Based in the Midwest, WorkHound is led by Max Farrell and Andrew Kirpalani, two veterans of employee engagement and growing technology companies.

Driver retention platform WorkHound digitizes driver referrals with new feature for trucking companies.

WorkHound’s solution helps tackle the 48,000 truck driver shortage for trucking companies by increasing new driver referrals to carriers.

As trucking companies strive to retain and recruit quality drivers amidst an increasing driver shortage, WorkHound’s new feature improves how carriers process driver referrals by enabling drivers to refer new hires digitally instead of by traditional paper card.

WorkHound’s driver retention and recruiting platform helps trucking companies identify and resolve the unseen issues causing drivers to leave. Drivers engage with a mobile experience and company stakeholders access a real-time dashboard.

Announced in Fleet Owner today, WorkHound’s new digital referrals make it as easy as possible for professional drivers to generate extra income by helping companies.

Trucking companies currently encourage drivers to refer possible new driver hires by handing out paper cards and expect drivers to pass them out during their downtime, which may only give a driver one hour to engage with others daily. WorkHound makes this process digital by helping drivers share referrals at any time of day, anywhere on the road.

“Our founding team spends time riding with drivers to understand how we can improve life for the driver,” Max Farrell,  WorkHound co-founder said. “This update is a result of listening to driver and company feedback. This feature is very complementary to our core product, as the more drivers share feedback with the company, the more opportunities there are to refer new drivers and generate the referral bonuses carriers tend to offer.”

Trucking companies report that up to 50% of new driver hires come from driver referrals, which results in carriers attempting new tactics to keep referral numbers rising with the increasing driver shortage.

2016 presents an opportunity for carriers to embrace innovation, new technology like WorkHound, and be forward thinking as stakeholders set new initiatives to increase driver retention and recruiting.