Cuba, the New Commerce Opportunity? - A GoPhore Article

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Cuba will soon be accepting Flights

That is right starting very soon you can now fly to Cuba. Now this can either be extremely excited for those of you who have always been curious about traveling to Cuba. Personally, I think I will pass, but still an interesting topic. Just to be clear, at this time general tourist travel still is not allowed as of this writing.

The President of Cuban Civil Aviation Institute formally signed an arrangement to re-establish scheduled air services between Cuba and the United States. This agreement that was reached in December 2015 ended a feud that has lasted over half a century. That is quite a while to not have relations with another country, but were those reasons justified? (*cough Cold War Cough*).

What this will mean for truckers

This could potentially open up a couple hundred jobs for American truckers. The only reason I am stating that is because the embargo of exports from Cuba has been lifted too, we can see an influx of cigars coming to the states. Who else but truckers will be hauling those? The DOT has authorized not only passenger travels but cargo flights. So this is a reality.

According to the DOT, “DOT recognizes the eagerness of U.S. carriers to take advantage of these new Cuba opportunities, and expects to reach a final decision sometime this summer on which carriers will be awarded the authority to conduct scheduled air service to Cuba and which markets they will serve.”

What do you think?

Was Obama justified in lifting the embargo and resolving relations with Cuba? Do you think this will be an opportunity for workers in the U.S.? What complications could happen because of this? There are so many unanswered questions.

I am just hoping that this goes well and doesn’t create an economic burden on the states.