Using a Driver Scorecard to Manage Performance

CEO and founder of HNI, Mike Natalizio, has developed and improved risk management solutions for transportation companies and organizations since 1985. Natalizio is the founder of The Risk Clarity Formula™, a tool used by HNI to help their customers identify risk susceptibility, create and help implement the solutions to these risks in order for executives to grow their business, expand their wealth, and reach their goals for the future. 

To explain the process of creating a driver scorecard to manage and improve driver performance, we put together the below infographic. 

When it's done right, a driver scorecard can be a tool to prevent you from relying on lagging indicators – like accidents or profit – to tell you how your drivers are doing.  If it's a true performance management system, it will provide a leading indicator of success that provides the up-to-date insight you need to manage the company toward greater profitability. 

Of course, the steps below are an extremely simplified version of what goes into a driver scorecard -- the devil is always in the details!  Many driver scorecards companies have attempted in the past have missed their mark because of failure in each of these steps that we outline below. 

Leading a culture driven on analytics was the topic of a recent HNI U webinar called "Profit Driven Leadership: Competing on Analytics in Transportation."  Check out the recording and slide deak for more information on this topic!