#Trucker swings into "our" lane of traffic. Dam Trucker! @HNIRisk

CEO and founder of HNI, Mike Natalizio, has developed and improved risk management solutions for transportation companies and organizations since 1985. Natalizio is the founder of The Risk Clarity Formula™, a tool used by HNI to help their customers identify risk susceptibility, create and help implement the solutions to these risks in order for executives to grow their business, expand their wealth, and reach their goals for the future. 

President & CEO, HNI
Truck Driver Appreciation Week:
A sometimes thankless job that we often take for granted.  The occasional frustration we have all felt following a truck going slower than we'd like. The truck making a right turn that swings into "our" lane of traffic.  We've all had experiences [some good/some not] with trucks.  But how many of you have had experiences with truck drivers?  The real men and women that deliver America day in and day out.  I have had the pleasure to meet and work amongst them.  Their work ethic and pride is greater than any.  There is no other group of workers that demonstrate the essence of our country better.  And yes, we have probably waived a fist at a truck, but it's the driver battling the elements and obstacles to do their job safely that we salute this week.  As you travel in your four wheeler, salute the truck driver and offer your sign of appreciation.   Without truck drivers, America stops!