@Texomatic Life of a #Trucker Video Series - The Coyote

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With 20+ years in the transportation industry and a decade of playing with cool cameras and editing software, Texomatic Pictures is uniquely positioned to deliver high quality video content for trucking. We also serve our local area with basic video services such as commercials, music videos, local business website promo videos and the like. Our mission is to provide value to our clients in everything we do from initial communication through final delivery.

Life a Trucker series by Tex Crowley of Texomatic Pictures. Tex spotlights individual drivers in this captivating series. The Videography combined with these Truck Drivers stories make for a compelling insider look at a Trucker's life. Check back weekly for a new Texomatic videos.

Overview: Watch Video for Full Story:

“My name is Ronnie with Coyote Trucking and this is my 379 Peterbilt. It’s a 2005 model. It has a lot of money invested in it. It has new breaks, new tires, and a new motor. I enjoy driving it, but I don’t like being away from the house. That’s the bad deal about being a truck driver is staying gone.”

“I drove for ten years and then I got out of it because it’s hard on the family. It’s hard on a married man who’s raising kids so I figured I needed to be home and help my wife raise the kids. So, I went into the oil field then decided that I got tired of the oil field and wanted to go back to driving. Once driving gets into your blood it’s there. You can’t get it out. No matter how hard you try you can’t get it out. You’ll always get back to doing it.”

“The good is you get to see a lot of good country with all the traveling. To me it’s like a paid vacation. You go around and you get to see different parts of the United States and you get to meet different people. There are a lot of good people out here, a lot of good drivers out here, and there are a lot of bad drivers out here, but there are a lot of bad people that drive trucks too. You have to take the good with the bad and make the best out of it as you can. Hopefully you run into more good than bad out here. I guess that’s how I see trucking. It’s tough, but if you stay with it the Lord will be with you all the way.”