Truck Stop Mishap Caught on Video- A Joey Slaughter Blog

Contributing author Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. A Ringgold, VA based carrier. Joey started his company in 2010 after serving time as an unhappy employee with a local trucking company. The time spent there was not fun but, in hindsight, was a turning point that propelled Joey into the wonderful world of being an entrepreneur. Please visit for more insightful blogging. 

After a long day behind the wheel, a trucker looks forward to getting off the road for the night.  If he’s lucky, he’ll find a truck stop with ample parking and a decent place to eat.  One would think that a trucker is safe once they make it to a truck stop and park for the night. Wrong!  Check out this video from my friend Shane Rizzuto, whose dash cam caught a guy backing right into his truck while Shane was asleep.  What a terrible way to wake up.

What can we do to prevent this?  Not much, but here are some tips to help reduce the risk.

  • Park in a corner spot.  The best parking spots are the ones around the truck stop perimeter, not the ones at the end of a middle row that will see traffic going by all night long.
  • Pull in a back row spot instead of back in.  I would only do this if it’s easy to back out and it’ll be daylight when I leave.  This protects my truck from being backed into.  They may hit my trailer, but I’d rather that happen then damage my truck.
  • Park in a spot between two trucks that are parked already.  Maybe they’ll stay in place as long as you’re there so no one will try to park beside you overnight.
  • Leave your parking lights on.  I’m not sure this’ll work, but it can’t hurt.
  • Park in the fuel island.  Then put an orange cone behind your trailer and rest easy. JUST KIDDING!

Check out Shane’s video below.

I had a similar situation happen to me recently.  I was asleep at a truck stop when all of a sudden I heard a truck near me blast the air horn.  I peeked out of the curtain and saw a truck attempting to back beside me.  If it wasn’t for the alert truck driver sitting in the driver’s seat a couple of trucks down, my truck would’ve been damaged.  I got out and thanked him for stopping an accident.