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With 20+ years in the transportation industry and a decade of playing with cool cameras and editing software, Texomatic Pictures is uniquely positioned to deliver high quality video content for trucking. We also serve our local area with basic video services such as commercials, music videos, local business website promo videos and the like. Our mission is to provide value to our clients in everything we do from initial communication through final delivery.

Life a Trucker series by Tex Crowley of Texomatic Pictures. Tex spotlights individual drivers in this captivating series. The Videography combined with these Truck Drivers stories make for a compelling insider look at a Trucker's life. Check back weekly for a new Texomatic videos.

Overview: Watch Video for Full Story:

“I started driving in 1995. I went to a company supported truck driving school and started driving a flatbed for three years. I hated every second of it. So, I went to another company and stayed there for twelve years. I was a trainer who trained the drivers. Later, I got tired of doing t the same old thing every day, so I left and went out on my own. I leased a truck, I paid it off, and that’s where I’m at now three years later. I get to say I’m a full-fledged owner and operator."

“The best part about driving a truck is being on the road. I love it. A lot of people can’t stand it and only do it for a job, but to me it’s more than a job now; it’s a lifestyle. The worst part of driving is being gone from family. My family understands what I do and understands that I have to be gone to put food on the table. Missing grandkids birthdays and being away is hard, but they all understand it.”