@Texomatic Life of a #Trucker Video Series - Chris Miller

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“I’m Chris Miller, I’m twenty years old, and I’m a professional driver, or at least I like to think I’m a professional driver. I grew up driving trucks. If I was old enough to walk I was old enough to drive a truck that’s just the way it was. If I wasn’t in school I was behind the wheel of a truck, polishing a truck, or just working on a truck. It’s just a family thing and its why I got into it. Once it’s in your blood you can’t really get it out.”

“I went and worked in the oil field and got my license then it just turned into this! I’m blessed and I love what I do if I don’t have a wife or kids at home, but for the most part it’s hard because you have to be away from the people you love.”

“I think the worst thing about truck driving is the disrespect that we get out here. Not only from the people driving the four-wheelers nowadays, but now its other drivers. Everyone’s so concerned about saving five seconds off their day that they’re not willing to help someone out or just do anything right anymore. I remember when I was growing up it wasn’t uncommon to stop and ask someone whose broke down if they needed help or if they needed help. You just don’t see that anymore.”

“For any rookie drivers out there, some of you who are just starting out and are thinking about getting into trucking, make sure you know everything about the job because there’s a lot more to it than holding that steering wheel and mashing down that pedal. Learn from the people that are willing to teach you and do the best you can to be a professional out here. We have a lot of idiots out here right now and only we can change that. Only if the drivers stick together can we change the way things are right now. Just lend a helping hand and be safe, that’s the most important thing, be safe for everybody and just learn to do your job right.”

“You guys be safe out there, hit the road running, just put the hammer down and get after it.”