Shell Rotella SuperRigs 2016 Truck Show - Photos, Video and More!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the 34th Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Beauty Contest in Joplin Missouri. This was our first time attending the event and the Giants of Joplin SuperRigs parade in which the trucks are escorted into downtown Joplin to park and open their doors to the public. The event is held over three days in which there are Concessions, Vendor Booths and Free Family Activities such as outdoor movie night, live music and fireworks.

The event opened to the public early morning Thursday, June 9th, at the Joplin Convention & Trade Center. All the trucks entering Beauty Contest were parked and polishing while visitors were welcome to walk around and get a close up look at these "Giants". All personell with Shell Rotella were extremely kind and generous to everyone in attendance. Their friendliness was above and beyond. They were always present making sure people were enjoying themselves and giving away free goodies. 

The Giants of Joplin SuperRigs® parade into downtown Joplin filled our Friday night and was lots of fun! We got downtown early to eat and wait on the trucks to start rolling in. The streets get blocked off to allow all trucks easy parking and to allow the public to walk around and view the trucks. Most truck owners graciously answered questions from the people, opened their trucks up and let them get in and take pictures. The local restaurants are open and welcoming during all the activities and Tony Justice was live in concert, filling the streets with music for the duration of the nights events. As the sun set all the big rigs turned on their many lights and you happily walk through them all again as if seeing them for the first time. The night ends with fireworks which you can easily see from the downtown streets. You do not have to leave the few blocks of downtown to enjoy all of the activities. That really made this event great. Around 10:30 pm the trucks began their escorted trip back to the Joplin Convention & Trade Center. Leaving with revving engines and horns blowing.

Awards are presented Saturday afternoon. You can view the winning trucks and their crews online at  We were really pleased with this entire event. We had the opportunity to finally meet Tony Justice and his wife Misty Rich Justice. We made several new friends and we really enjoyed being part of an event that shows the public the trucking industry in, not just a positive light, but as an industry that deserves respect and admiration. It was a joy to see so many children excited over these beautiful trucks and to get to meet the men and women that care for them and rely on them every day.