Blue Tiger Bluetooth Headset and Speaker Package GIVEAWAY and Review.

My husband and I are a 10 year Owner/Operator truck driving team with over a million safe miles each and we spend a "lot" of time on the road. Having good quality communication equipment is essential.

We had the opportunity to test the new Blue Tiger Elite Bluetooth® Headset The only headset that helps support truckers and their families in need. $80,000 in donations have been raised thus far for truckers in partnership with the St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund & TA/Petro truck stops.

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We took the Blue Elite Headset on a 10,000 mile road test. Now you're asking, "what difference does it make how many miles you tested a Bluetooth headset?" Good question and you're right, the miles basically make no difference. However, the time and abuse that any electronic device takes on an extended road trip does matter.

We have road tested many electronic devices over the past 10 years and 2 million miles combined. One thing that is consistent with all electronic devices is that if the build is inferior from the factory then it will not hold up over time. Ask anybody that uses Sirius radios or "so-called" high end audio components. The common mistake is always in multi connected devices. Meaning, a power base connected to another unit and so on. It's always the contact points that fail.

Here's where the Blue Elite Headset excels. It's simplistic design is what makes it so durable. Now it's not a low profile item on your head and yes, you will look like a pilot looking for an airplane while wearing this headset. A small compromise for a quality phone call or a headset that produces quality audio media from your phone, laptop etc. 

One of the simple features is the tight coupling of the ear-cup to your ear achieved by the flexible headband. Take any headset or even earbuds and push it hard up to your ear or in your ear. Immediately you get better sound and better low end response. The folks at Blue Tiger have made a strong connection between your ear and the ear-cup on the headset. More importantly, it's a strong connection but doesn't hurt your ear over time due to too much pressure. Again, simple and well thought out design.

When you open the box you know you're dealing with a quality product. If you have read our other product reviews you know quality packaging is a pet peeve of ours. Again, good packaging doesn't necessarily mean that you have a quality product but poor packaging almost always means an inferior product. You will be up and running in minutes, it's really that simple to pair your device. I was using the Blue Tiger Elite Bluetooth® Headset with my phone and laptop in minutes. The sound quality and range is outstanding.

Key Features: 

  • 34 Hours of Talk Time
  • Top Noise Cancellation
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 Technology
  • 600 Hours Stand By Time
  • Hi-Fi Performance Speaker
  • Flexible Headband

We have tried almost every Bluetooth headset on the market. Literally. We have purchased every high-end headset available trying to achieve good signal quality for us and the person on the other end of the phone call. We had given up on Bluetooth technology and actually went back to a corded noise cancelling system. This worked for awhile. However, as usual, cords failed, connections failed, etc. We feel now that we have the best headset for solid connection and reliability.

  • Bluetooth® Enabled + Built in Microphone 
  • 10 Hour Max Battery Life
  •  Auxiliary Port + microSD Inputs
  •  High Quality Machined Aluminum Case

The Blue Tiger BlueTooth SoundPODS speaker is compact and solidly built. A particularly good place we found to use it was at Truckstop showers. Flying J / Pilots have some limited showers with 1/8" jacks that play on an overhead speaker but I think they are getting away from that feature. Problem solved with this SoundPODS speaker. It holds charges for a long time and is compact enough to put in your pocket or purse. We had fun with this little speaker and we were impressed with it's performance.

We highly recommend The Blue Tiger Elite Bluetooth® Headset for Truckers and SoundPODS Speaker as a solid and value product purchase. The good people at Blue Tiger also offer other products designed for today's professional driver including Dash Cams.

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Winner Receives Everything Shown Including Blue Tiger Elite Bluetooth® Headset, The Hook and BlueTiger Sound Pods. All items we used for product review purposes and are in "As New" Condition. A $220.00 Value

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Winner Jerry T. Thanks Jerry for participating!