@Texomatic Life of a #Trucker Video Series - Vern Gill

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Life a Trucker series by Tex Crowley of Texomatic Pictures. Tex spotlights individual drivers in this captivating series. The Videography combined with these Truck Drivers stories make for a compelling insider look at a Trucker's life. Check back weekly for a new Texomatic videos.

Overview: Watch Video for Full Story:

“I am the first in my family to be a driver. I had a business that was an architectural drafting and I had that from about 2001 until about 2008 is when I finally stopped doing it. Awhile after I became a driver I still did it. This was something I did in partnership with my father, but the housing industry just took a nose dive in 2007 and I had to find something else to do and trucking was something that always interested me. After doing some research I determined that it was going to be pretty quick for me to start making money.”

“A lot of guys will probably give me a hard time for this, but I started at Swift. They had the cheapest “get started” setup that I found. I looked at a lot of different schools in my area and in 2007 there weren’t that many available in Phoenix and at Swift you could start for 150 dollars. Everyone else wanted 600 dollars to a grand.”

“I don’t know if anyone else would call me successful, but I, in seven years, have moved my income level up about 450 percent from where I started. My income level is subject to my willingness to work, which isn’t very high. I take a lot of time off because I work to live, not live to work. When I go home I’m not interested in “I’ve earned two days off the road because I’ve been out for two weeks,” my company doesn’t do any ratio like that. When I go home it’s because I want to and when I go on the road it’s because I want to and they have no problem with that.”

“When I go home I enjoy my time at home. I like to cook. I’ve been to culinary school twice, I have a degree in culinary arts, and I have almost ten and a half years’ industry experience primarily in the back of house. I have a lot of fans of my cooking. I make chili, jambalaya, I make a lot of comfort food, and a lot of very spicy food. It’ll light you up. I’m very passionate about my cooking and I take a lot of time with my children in the kitchen teaching them. My oldest daughter is improving her knife skills every time we are together; which isn’t often enough, but that’s something I’m very passionate about. Ultimately I’d like to find a job as a cooking job, but I can’t make as much money as a cook as I can as a driver and that’s the primary reason I’m out here. I don’t dislike driving. I’m very passionate about driving, I very much love being a driver, but it isn’t my primary passion; cooking is and I would rather do that. But since I’m here I’m going to try to be the best as I can be as a driver.”