Performance Marketing: Why It's a Solid Choice in Driver Recruiting

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Gone are the days when businesses are flooded with qualified applicants. With competition in this day and age, companies are using multiple hiring techniques in order to reach their target audience. This speaks true to driver recruitment advertising.

If you're struggling with the current truck driver shortage, you know that every penny counts in recruitment advertising. You also know that it's good to stay on top of trends and be proactive on this front. Let's talk about an effective form of advertising to recruit drivers you may want to jump on...


What Is Performance Marketing?

Lucky for you, the recruitment advertising business has positively evolved over the last few years. Based mostly on the prevalence of the Internet as a search tool for both job seekers and employers hiring, better and more cost-effective ad techniques are on the rise. One of these powerful, and far more economical pay structures isPerformance Marketing in driver recruiting.

Performance-based marketing is a method of interactive paid advertising that pays on a "performance" basis. It consists of online advertising programs in which advertisers only pay when a specific action is completed. For example, your driver recruitment campaign might be based upon clicks or conversions. The intention is to drive action, as opposed to raise awareness.

Why Is It Special?

Unlike other forms of traditional advertising where fees are paid up front and don't really depend upon the success of the ad campaigns, Performance Marketing means you only pay for valuable results. So instead of using your budget on a job posting that floats in cyberspace, you're shifting your time and dollars to specific actions within that ad.

Helps Measure ROI

It allows for real-time measurement of ROI. By reviewing the available metrics--such as Cost Per Conversion--the advertiser can optimize their campaign and budget to lead to a positive return on investment.

It's a good choice for companies on a limited budget. By choosing this track, those without a smaller budget won't face the risk of pouring large sums into a useless advertising program. Potential truck drivers can be recruited in an incredibly effective and economical way.

Where Can I Use It?

There are numerous online platforms that allow for real-time measurement and optimization opportunities. The most common way to structure Performance Marketing is through pay-per-click campaigns. From Google AdWords toFacebook Advertising... there are various channels to implement this form of driver recruitment advertising.

How Measurable Is It?

Performance-based marketing is easily trackable and measurable. Since these type of campaigns let you see meaningful metrics--like how many clicks or conversions your ad generated--you can understand what's working in your driver recruitment strategy. By analyzing success, you can make smart decisions to optimize your recruitment advertising based on true measurement.

What Else Should I Know?

While performance-based marketing is based on effectiveness, it's important to remember the first steps in order to make it work. This means developing attractive ads, and easy-to-understand landing pages and click-through processes. If your campaign is driving traffic to a landing page that's not mobile-friendly or optimized for conversions, you're already starting off on the wrong foot.

In order to launch this method of marketing the right way, your campaigns should be developed to catch the attention of prospective drivers, placed to target your audience, and provide user-friendliness.

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