Texomatic Life of a Trucker Video Series - Jenn Fleming

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Life a Trucker series by Tex Crowley of Texomatic Pictures. Tex spotlights individual drivers in this captivating series. The Videography combined with these Truck Drivers stories make for a compelling insider look at a Trucker's life. Check back weekly for a new Texomatic videos.

Overview: Watch Video for Full Story:

“I first got into driving when I served in the U.S. Military. After that I went to try and do regular, real-world jobs, but I with that I wasn’t going anywhere. And I was given a push to drive a truck. Of course, I had to worry about my two children as I am a single mom, so I started CDL School and here I am. I’ve been a trainer, I’ve been over the road, I am now dedicated, and I get home whenever I can. My parents look after my boys so I do miss the quite a lot. I feel that driving has given me lots of freedom that only a truck driver can know.”

“As a female I look at lot of the other drivers as big brothers and big sisters.”

“One of the pros of being a driver is the scenery you get to see, the experience you get to experience. There are various types of people that you get to meet. They all have interesting stories. Whether they’re the ones sitting at a table at the Petrol, or if they’re just stories just told around a truck stop gathering of drivers just talking, you have a very wide variety of that. It gives it that extra benefit that if I grew up in one town and lived my entire life I really wouldn’t have been able to see things out there for myself.”

“This is not a job, this is not a career, this is a lifestyle and if you can’t handle the lifestyle of it then you shouldn’t be out here. For any new driver coming directly from CDL School or even thinking about getting into the industry you do have to have a thick skin and an open mind. There are no short cuts to becoming a million-mile driver, there are no shortcuts to achieving your dreams.”

“Being a female out here include a few more challenges than the men have. We have a couple extra needs that have to be met every once and awhile, but other than that we’re just drivers.”