ONE20 Launches Powerful Free Membership Trucker App

ONE20 is a free membership app dedicated to improving life on the road for truck drivers. That is putting it simply. "The ONE20 app is incredibly impressive and even more so is the ONE20 team". All of which have come from a variety of different careers in the trucking industry. When drivers have questions or trouble with the app the team is quick to respond and they utilize those interactions and feedback to improve and enhance their services so that they are always helping the drivers.

At GATS 2016 we had the privilege of attending the ONE20 press release. One aspect of the app is it's ability to locate your position on a map and find points of interest near you. These POI's have been researched by ONE20 to be truck friendly. They may be restaurants, fast food, truck stops, hotels etc. The app will also show you "deals" if they are available at any of these nearby locations. Some of which are exclusive for ONE20 members.

The most impressive feature of this app so far has to be the turn by turn truck navigation. There are many pricey devices sold today that do this very thing but ONE20 is providing this service through their app to members and being a member is currently free. You simply download the maps through the app and then you may utilize the truck navigation just as you would on any navigation device or Google map. Soon a ONE20 Samsung tablet will be available at major truck stops with all of the ONE20 capabilities already loaded onto it at purchase. You can visit their website and be the first to know when these are available at
There is much more in store from ONE20 to help improve the lives of drivers. They will be incorporating ONE20 Strong into their services which is an exercise program tailored to truck drivers and ONE20 Meals which will become a brand that drivers can trust for variety and healthy choices along their route. They would like users to eventually be able to pre-order the meals along their route.

ONE20 Press Conference and Product Release at GATS "The Great American Trucking Show" 2016

I was most interested in CEO, Christian Schenk's ideas to not only update parking availability for drivers in real time with the ONE20 app but to also produce more truck parking for drivers through alliances with more establishments and by just simply creating it. You can currently update parking availability on the app if you are at a truck stop but ONE20 has also created a call center that will eventually be contacting these truck stops manually in an attempt to keep parking availability current for drivers using the app. This will help drivers waste less of their drive time making multiple stops searching for a safe place to rest or shut down for their 10 hour break. Schenk also mentioned that he is currently in negotiations to purchase real estate actually creating more spaces for big rigs to park. ONE20 is taking on many of the headaches drivers deal with on a daily basis and I truly felt that they care about what the truck drivers have to say. The staff behind this unique concept were friendly, smart, hardworking problem solvers and if anybody can take on the challenges that us drivers face, I think it is ONE20.

This is only a small part of what this team is working on. We will be road testing the new tablet and so this is a "to be continued". As we use more of the products and services offered to ONE20 members we will update you on what's available, how to get it and why you should have it.

Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts is the major contributing author to Danielle has been a professional driver for over eight years and strives to show the positive side to trucking. Danielle is also a volunteer at a group of truckers providing pet transport to pets in need.