Texomatic Life of a Trucker Video Series - Craig "Ace" DeReu

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Life a Trucker series by Tex Crowley of Texomatic Pictures. Tex spotlights individual drivers in this captivating series. The Videography combined with these Truck Drivers stories make for a compelling insider look at a Trucker's life. Check back weekly for a new Texomatic videos.

Overview: Watch Video for Full Story:

“My name is Craig DeReu. I’ve been an owner operator since May of 1996 when I bought my first truck. I haul livestock throughout the central United States and I love everyday of it. So, we haul hogs out of Illinois and usually down into Texas. Haul hogs to Oklahoma and then back into Illinois. It kinds runs me in a circle. And then fat cattle.”

“My dad never did trucks, but my grandpa did back in the fifties. He always hauled livestock, so that’s kind of why I do it. It’s a weird sense of pride and all, but it’s just a weird sense of pride when you haul live animals where they need to be healthy, alive, not stressed, and comfortable. It’s a hard job and nothing is ever easy. We get paid well for what we do and I think we should I have no complaints either. I’m on my own owning my own truck. I’ve always loved it. I have to take care of it, so the truck takes good care of me. I’m leased to Steven Hendershot in La Porte City, Iowa and he’s one of the best guys I’ve ever worked for. He owns twenty-nine trailers, he does company trucks and owner operators, but he treats us all equal. I enjoy getting up in the morning and doing it. It’s been a tough road to get to where I am. I’m forty-three years old and I would like to do it another twenty years and I would like to retire and maybe not truck in my old age, but I’ve only trucked my whole life and it’s all I know how to do. We’ve raised our two kids and my wife’s starting to go with me on the road now and that’s a little different to get used to, but I think I can accommodate her.”

“We just look forward to keep improving the truck and keep doing what we are doing and hopefully the regulations will stay off us and that I will be able to do this for the next twenty years. I love hauling cattle. There’s nothing like it.”