How to Get a Copy of a #Trucking #RoadsideInspectionReport @mikenatalizio

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Many motor carriers have contacted us wondering if there was an easier process to obtain missing roadside inspection reports.  Historically, you had to contact the state where it occurred and hope they would send it to you.  Fortunately, things have changed!

A counterpart from the insurance carrier side of the business informed us that he was told by an FMCSA representative that you can now get copies of inspection reports through the DATA Q via your portal, or directly from the FMCSA site via this link:

Once on the site, you will see a tab that reads “Request an Inspection Report.”  Using this tab and highlighting the report you are looking for results in the FMCSA sending you your inspection report via email.  I had one of my clients test it, and they received their response the very next morning!

This might be a good time to go through your inspection reports and make sure you have copies of all inspections for the last 12 months to be in compliance under part 396.9(d)(3)(ii).