#Trucking #DOTCompliance Tip: Load Securement @thecargoexpert

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Load Securement. Often, we only talk about load securement as it relates to flatbed operations.

But, a majority of cargo loss and damage in transit occurs when dry van loads aren’t well braced. Be sure to take advantage of all available information concerning load securement where possible.

Free Load Securement Resource!!

Check out this great free resource here.  This is the link to the FMCSA’s Driver’s Handbook on Cargo Securement. It’s a free publication issued by the FMCSA to educate motor carriers on the best practices around the topic. It reads like you would imagine a government publication would. But, it really is jam packed of very useful information on the topic.

Be sure to refer to this handbook whenever you have a new type of commodity being hauled. Don’t take existing practices and hunches as the rule. Instead, rely on the information provided in the book to guide your efforts.

Load Securement & Roadside Inspections

Also, roadside inspectors are trained using the guidelines contained in the book. So, to run a safe and compliant operation, refer back the book. This is especially the case for oversized or overweight goods or one of the specifically regulated commodities.

Our Tip today focuses more on the regulatory side rather than the operational side of load securement. The FMCSA is very clear regarding their expectations of when drivers should complete their load checks.

Apart from preventing damage to the cargo being carried, proper load securement reduces the likelihood of overturns due to a load shift.

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