How To Actually Prevent #Trucking #CargoTheft @thecargoexpert

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Excellent video that really outlines the issues that cargo theft presents in the economy today! Well worth the time to watch!

DFW Cargo Theft News Story

Dallas isn’t alone, as their video shows.

Atlanta, Southern California, New York/New Jersey area, All of Florida and the greater Chicagoland area are all major hubs for cargo theft…mainly because each of these cities have close access to large shipping ports.


Most stolen cargo isn’t shipped overseas as you might conclude from that last statement. Some is, but most is simply sold domestically.

Food and beverage product account for around 25% of all goods stolen annually. Consumer electronics are usually second.

Here are some tips to help protect your company!

Have your drivers develop keen situational awareness (as the driver in the video related). Keeping a close eye on what is going on around you is a good start.

Ensure that your drivers are well rested, fed and relieved prior to departing from a pick-up location. Avoid having them stop within 250 miles of departure as this “Red Zone” presents an opportunity for thieves who may follow the rig from the pick up location.

Avoid having your drivers leave the truck for more than a short period of time. PLEASE don’t leave unattended and loaded trailers just sitting there begging to be stolen! Theft from unsecured locations is the number one place where cargo is stolen from!

Purchase and have your drivers use Air Cuff locks whenever they aren’t inside their truck.

Invest in some heavy duty pad locks for the rear trailer doors. Did you see how easy the standard one was to cut off in the video?

Advise your drivers to never discuss the contents of their trailer with anyone! Not on the radio, phone or on social media.

Invest in actual GPS tracking systems (including monitoring both the tractor and trailer. For high hazard cargo, consider using tracking devices embedded in the cargo as well.

Treat all of your employees with respect and show that you value their contribution on a regular basis. A majority of cargo theft incidents involve someone with inside knowledge of the load or your operation. Employees who feel valued and respected WANT to help protect your client’s goods. Those who don’t…at the other extreme…could be looking for ways to only help themselves.