#One20 Makes a Huge Splash at #MATS Mid America Trucking Show 2017

America based company One20, created by entrepreneur Christian Schenk, made a huge splash on the trucking scene this year at the Mid-American Trucking Show.  Their booth, a huge tour bus wrapped in the signature black and white logo of the company, was hard to miss.  You could find their lively area over in the West Pavilion by the food court. 

The spacious area was complete with live music entertainment provided by country music artist and truck driver, Bill Weaver, as well as, various games to win one of their new tablets which comes stock with the One20 app.  This free app includes a trucking-specific GPS and crowd-sourced truck stop, parking, and shopping information valuable to all truckers.  They were even passing out free full-sized samples of their proprietary energy drinks.  Then in the afternoons, One20 sponsored the Beer Gardens.  Schenk himself and many of his staff were handing out free beer and handshakes to anyone with a CDL as a small thank you to the all the hard working men and women of this industry.

Yes of course, there are a myriad of trucking apps out there providing both controlled and crowd-sourced information to help truck drivers during their daily duties.  Apps that include everything from GPSs, fuel tax and mileage apps, to the best and worst truck stops across America.  But how many of them have active trucks and drivers on the road to help with their understanding of the industry?  One20 is one such company.

That's right, One20 is an authorized trucking company with drivers on the road hauling freight!

In an interview with American Trucker* Schenk stated:

"I've never seen anything like it. For a nation founded on the principles of opportunity, we've sure made it difficult for the hard-working trucker to prosper as a business owner and operator," said Schenk. “We jumped through hoop after hoop with federal and state governments. Shame on us for making it so hard, so expensive and so confusing.”

This is a man and a company determined to make things better for the American truck driver, and to provide the best possible services at a free or dramatically reduced cost to those drivers.  It is because of this attention to detail in researching everything that affects a driver's life that has turned One20 into a powerhouse app.  There is no halfhearted, half measure in anything One20 puts out there.  From their robust app to their top-notch drivers, One20 goes all out to represent the trucking industry in the best possible ways.

You can check out their free app on both the Google Play and Apple Play stores.  You can also visit their website** to see what other developments One20 and Schenk has in the works to help you as a professional truck driver.

~Sierra Sugar





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