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Carolyn O’Byrne, CHT, author of Gut Instinct, is a colon hydro-therapist, life coach and wife of a truck driver. In the heart of the trucking industry, she directs her passion and knowledge towards drivers and their families by life coaching. She wants to reach even more people by using this book as another way to help others who are desiring progressive change in their lives. She is there to show them how to transform their future and to direct them to success, to health and to a positive outlook on life. Throughout her years of interest in true health and wellness, she has studied and applied to her own life these many different modalities. Her insight has also enabled her to help numerous others on their journey to health through her business, Life Coach Service, LLC. Her mission is to steer those who want results in the direction of good health, both emotionally and physically, in a confidential setting.

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Quality of life is key.  We can possess all the things we desire, but without health, what do we have? Society, along with today’s food industry, has driven us in a direction that is for profit and not for health.  Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”  Does this mean eat your medicine for nutrition? NO!  It means the food we eat needs to be nutritious enough to keep us healthy so our bodies can fight disease.  Reflecting on the history of mankind, we can see how our bodies are designed to function.  We eat for fuel.  The designer of your truck made it so that it runs on fuel.  You would not put water in your tank.  It is not designed to run on water and it would destroy the engine.  Well, we are the same.  We are designed to thrive on natural foods not synthetic (manmade).  Our bodies have no idea what to do with this manmade stuff, therefore it often stops running correctly.  Disease can set in when our bodies get the wrong information.  Let’s keep this in mind when it is time to eat.  Make a nutritious plan.  You can do it.

“If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin