Service - Is Not A Word #Trucking OEMs Should Use - #Volvo Fail! Photos and Video

We bought a new 2017 VNL-780 0 Miles, Truck currently has 185,000 miles. We have been complaining about a front end shake since day one. Everybody said nothing was wrong. Of course, it's new, right? At 175,000 the right front steer was showing enough wear to tell the story of what was going on with the front end. Look at these images and as you will read below, their intial diagnosis is "Front End Alignment". 

20170802_140447 (1).jpg

Finally I have proof, professional front end service tech's can read that tire like a book and almost be spot on every time.

Write up service center Bruckners Mack & Volvo Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas TX 75241

Me: The front end will skate across rough road conditions and you have to quickly steer it back.
       Under breaking the front feels like it's hopping or locking up and releasing.
       It naturally pulls right but under breaking it is extreme.

Bruckners: Ok we will get back to you. 

Bruckners: Calls days later and say's you need a front end alignment. 
Me: I'm no expert and I'm sure there is a front alignment issue but obviously with my description and the obvious tire wear and your road test, surely you can tell there is a lot more going on than an "Alignment" By the way , the front left steer if fine.
Bruckners: Ok we will get back to you.

Bruckners calls back: We have discovered an out of round brake drum.
Me: You said you checked everything in the front end the first time, why didn't you catch it then? 

Bruckners: No answer
Me: Is it under warranty because I have been complaining about this since day one?
Bruckners: No
Me: Of course, Ok let me pay you $1,526.47

10 Days later the truck is fixed according to Bruckners. Drive it 100 yards and the front end shake is worse than when we took it in.

Me: the front end shake is worse
Bruckners: We did a 3 axle alignment and it's fine
Me: Really , because it's worse
Bruckners: Well, we fixed it so it's not shaking. 
Me: Ok, I will take to another Volvo shop and lose more time and money due to your lack of interest in doing a job correctly at $140 per hour

Here are other professionals that make over $100 per hour and some how get the job done right the first time. If they don't, they don't work. Not in the Trucking service industry.
Underwater Welder, Anesthesiologist, Commercial Pilot, Legal Arbitrator, Orthodontist, Freelance Photographer, Political Speechwriter, Project Controls Engineer, Test Automation Developer, Videographer/Video Editor, Etc

Here is video right after leaving the shop of the front end shaking and pulling to the right.

All original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have major service issues. I've experienced this with almost every manufacturer in the past 10 years. We are a team and we go through trucks quickly. However, this is a new truck and this should have been under warranty and when they wear you down waiting for a ghost "Warranty Manager" to show up to evaluate the warranty dispute you finally give up and pay out of your own pocket. I believe this is a tactic because they know eventually you will lose more money sitting and waiting for a warranty dispute person to show up than just paying the repair bill. I'm tired of taking it on the chin and I will fight this until Volvo stands up and does the right thing. Maybe we should all get together and start a Facebook page called "Volvo Fail". 

Jim Allen