FAQ: Transporting Your Pet


How Much does this cost?  Pet transport costs are calculated based on total miles one way. 

  • 0 - 499 miles:  $500.00
  • 500 - 999 miles:  $750.00
  • 1000 miles or more:  $999.00

Half of the payment is required to be paid via PayPal in advance to secure your transport date.  The balance will be paid no less than 3 days before transport.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to send payment.

Is my pet safe? Yes, your pet rides in the cab of the truck with 24 hour supervision. Visit our pet transport blogs below and check out our social channels. We have over 110,000 followers across all the major channels. We are 100% valid and active in the trucking industry.  

What is required of me? 3 days of food for your pet and a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) no older than 2 weeks before transport. An Adjustable Padded Harness (NO EXCEPTIONS and nothing cute, just 100% effective and secure, cats included). We do our best to ease the stress of transport but this is all new to your pet and they can get scared. The last thing you want to hear is your pet got scared and broke their harness. We suggest a good quality, weight-appropriate, non-retractable leash for hand off, but we use our own during transport. Scanned copies of shippers and recipients ID: State drivers licence or state issued ID, Military ID and Passports only. Valid telephone numbers of shippers and receivers which will be confirmed before transport.


What is a CVI? A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). Also known as a health certificate, is an official document issued by a Federal, State, Tribal, or accredited veterinarian certifying that the animals identified on the document have been inspected and were found to satisfy the regulations pertaining to their intended movement – within the same state, between states, or internationally.

Can I call you? No, not at this stage. When you have last minute questions or you are ready to commit, the phone lines will be open to you. Prior to transport and delivery we are in constant contact, phone, text, email, whatever your preferred method is. Please feel free to email us in the meantime (Form Below). We try to keep our response time to under 24 hours.

Can you transport to another location that's not in the current  route shown? No, we will be expanding routes soon. Occasionally check back for new route maps.

Can I meet you anywhere in mid route and deliver anywhere in mid route? Yes


Do I need a cage? No, unless it's a cat or similar animal. 

What happens to my deposit if I have to change my plans or I don't have required paperwork? Your deposit will be credited towards a future transport as we held your transport dates. If your pet can't be transported within one year of deposit, you will forfeit the deposit.

What if your company can't execute the transport? You get a full refund, we haven't missed a transport yet!

Will my pet be photographed and posted online? Yes, we also own a photography company and we document all of our transports. With your permission we also document you and the receiver.

Your URL is 365Trucking.com but the transport company is PupsInTrucks.com? Yes, to keep costs down we are piggybacked onto our flagship 365Trucking.com. Over time PupsInTrucks.com will transition to it's own unique website. 


How critical is the specified meetings time? Critical, we give you a half hour window. We suggest you arrive early. We do communicate with you closely to accomplish an on time window. Our drivers are on a tight clock and if you miss the half hour window you will have to reschedule. That will also add to your Vet bill bill as the CIV must not be older than 2 weeks.

Where is the meeting place? Only in public places where a tractor trailer can fit in. This is typically: Truck Stops, Rest Areas, Walmarts, etc. The driver has the final call on location.

Will you pick up from rescues, breeders, etc? 1st parties only. You have to be active in the pets well-being. A non-interested 3rd party representative will not work. Certain exceptions are made for adoptions, reunions, etc. Again, if the driver feels uncomfortable, and/or the shipper doesn't have proper documentation then the transport will not happen. Know your pet and the situation inside and out.

Does my pet have to be well groomed and bathed? Yes, or it will not be transported. 

I'm worried about my pet during transport, how do I know he/she will be OK during transport? Of course you're worried, you wouldn't be a good pet owner if you weren't. We update your pets transport across our social channels so you and the pets recipient can feel at ease. Besides it's fun to watch the progress, right?  We also offer electronic tracking via an app for your phone called Life360.  PupsInTrucks.com is also happy to announce we now offer video conferencing via Skype between you and your pet during transport.

Have more questions or your ready to start the journey? Please fill out the intial contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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